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Exhibition History

“Move,” Middletown Art Center, Middletown, CA, January-March, 2022

“Tides of Change,” the Drawing Room Annex-780 Valencia, San Francisco, January-February, 2022 

“Vibrant Landscapes,” Red Bluff Art Gallery, Red Bluff, CA, November, 2021 

Fusion Art, 4th Annual Women Artists Art Competition Online Juried Art Exhibition, Palm Springs, November 2021 

“Spot On #2” Gallery Exhibition, D’Art Gallery, Denver, Colorado, November-December 2021

“Let it Flow” Gallery Exhibition, Wickford Art Association, Wickford, Rhode Island, October-November 2021

“Of the Earth” Online Gallery Exhibition, Art Fluent, April 2021

“Expressions 2021” Online Gallery Exhibition, Marin Society of Artists, July-August 2021

“Boundless” Online Gallery Exhibition, Art Fluent, November 2020

“Celebration of Art” Online Gallery Exhibition, Marin Society of Artists, August-October 2020

Forum Magazine, CCSF, 2021 Issue, “Sonoma Morning” 

Marian Keeler Artwork



A palimpsest is a manuscript written over an older piece of writing, and though worn away, traces of the original writing are partially visible.
For most paintings, I begin by sketching or drawing directly on the canvas using soluble graphite, colored pencil or charcoal with the idea that I’ll preserve some portions of it as part of the final painting. Traces or ghosts will show through. 


An underpainting is usually the base of a painting that provides a road map to the final painting. It becomes actually a different painting in this process, causing the ghost drawing to melt, partially dissolve and develop its own identity, while still remaining sketchy and loose. Sometimes the underpainting is limpid and watery, others, it heavier. 


Areas of color are built up and layered, texture, depth and movement is created. Areas of interest and depth are left alone or slightly modified to preserve elements of the palimpsest drawing. 


Using a variety of tools and techniques—line, poured and pooled shapes, the design components respond to each other, cohesively, to form a balanced composition. 

Marian Keeler Artwork